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About Bili

Throughout the years we've made subtle changes to our jewelry, what never changed though is our core belief, to bring quality sterling silver jewelry to our valued clients.

We believe in the purity of silver, which is an essential element underpinning our eclectic range of quality jewelry. We’re boutique in size and ethos: you won’t find those traditional styles that fill the large jewelry store at BILI.

Since opening our store in Tel Aviv in 1982, BILI has established itself as the premier destination for quality sterling silver jewelry. BILI aligns with quality Israeli and International brands and as the name suggests, specializes in sterling silver jewelry.  

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From the Clients


Gifted myself with an amazing ring for my birthday and couldn't possibly be more pleased. Love everything about it and am so glad that I decided I was worth it. thanks so much.


This ring is so beautiful. I have had so many compliments. Never knew so many people looked at my hands but they do with this ring. I love it.


The craftsmanship is unparalleled. It is so clean and simple!

Makes a statement!!

Taking Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry

  1. Store the jewelry in a cool, dry place. Jewelry items should be stored separately in a plastic bag, or in an individual cloth pouch. This will help prevent both tarnishing and scratching by other pieces.
    Polish the items regularly using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth to maintain their original condition. (A special cloth is available at most Jewelry specialist shops)

  2. Soap and water can help in keeping silver looking good. Always use a soft cloth, do not dry silver off with paper towels or tissues.

  3. If the jewelry contains gemstones or pearls, do not immerse in water, as this can loosen some settings.

  4. Never immerse silver jewelry in chlorine, salt water, mineral springs, and suntan lotion.

  5. Never use abrasives cleaners on gemstones. Some household cleaners contain chlorine bleach; these will cause discoloration and also loosen the gemstones.

  6. Avoid abrasive cleaners, detergents and commercial jewelry cleaners, especially if the pieces have an oxidized finish. Using harsh polishing cleaners will alter the antique look of your jewelry.

  7. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or any chemical solution to clean opaque gemstones, such as turquoise, malachite, onyx, lapis lazuli and opals. They are a porous stone and may absorb chemicals, which build up inside the stone and cause discoloration. Simply wipe them gently with a moist cloth until clean.


1 Year Guarantee – For the first twelve months from the purchase date of the jewelry, full guarantee will be given, except in the case of damage or improper use, upon presentation of the purchase receipt. 

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